About Us

XIMAX SOLUTIONS School for Advanced Studies & Research is a Professional Exclusive Corporate Training Center of Silicon Micro Systems (SiMS), offering courses for Engineering Graduates, Science Graduates, Diploma Holders and Post Graduates in Technologies like VLSI, Embedded System Design, PCB design & PLC automation.

The course aims at enhancing the skills and to improve their ability to stabilize / start career in Electronics / IT product Development / Support. The courses features Practical sessions aiming at filling the gaps in knowledge and practical experience that can be encountered by developers in various technological Projects. We assume that the Course structure and imparting style is the key to effective training.

Silicon microsystems, 1998 born company having in-house R&D center, engaged in Design and manufacturing of Electronic Educational Equipment in the field of VLSI, EMBEDDED, COMMUNICATION, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION also distributors for some of the global leaders in the similar field to Indian Educational sector.

Silicon is having specialization in Robotics field and first company to introduce STEM education to schools, colleges and Researchorganisations. We also provide Project based Robotics training to Higher education institution since 2005.

We are well connected 24/7 to technical educational institution through our sales and service since 1998.

Along with in-house training we also provide onsite training programs at institution level with MOU to use their infra and our technical faculties will take classes at their premises.

We are working with some of the institutions for finishing school concepts, to convert their regular lab use the same as research and projects lab.


Experience & Team

We have trained more than 15,500 Engineers and 1500 Lecturers and Instructors all over India, We have a proven track record in the similar field, which is well supported by highly qualified and industry experts and consultants.

Our Technical team are certified professionals who have minimum 8 to 10 years of relevant experience in the industry. Our Industrial Guest faculties and consultants are having 20+ year rich experience in design and development in different MNCs is proven to be very effective and efficient in domain based technical skills like: VLSI, EMBEDDED, DSP, RT Linux, RealTime Operating System (RTOS), Image Processing, FPGA, CPLD, ARM, PIC, & Architecture, PLC, PCB Designing & Software testing.

We have more than 20 Industry technical consultants in technical board, who are providing their technical services to improve curriculum as and when industry upgrades.

Extra care

Tests are conducted periodically with practical lab assignment forming an internal part of the course. You get to work on the theoretical part of these assignment in-groups and supposed to work on the problems in team during scheduled lab sessions. The concepts thought in the class are applied in specially designed lab assignment. Tutorials are conducted individually or in-groups to encourage independent reading and thinking so that you develop the ability to formulate innovative solution to problems both lab & assignment are evaluated evaluation may also be done through a viva the results of all these assignment are pooled for your overall grade for that course.


Mission and Vision


Provide relevant technical education and practical training to support student goals, a skilled workforce, and the economic vitality of our communities.


A catalyst in engineering field engaging partners to bring innovative educational solutions to individuals, employers and communities - Transforming Challenges into Opportunities.

Our Values

Statements of core values are designed to characterize the desired teaching/learning environment and to guide the development of institutional policies and best practices. Accordingly, all members of the Ximax solutions community affirm the following values:

Integrity - We value responsible, accountable, ethical behaviour in an atmosphere of honest, open communication, and with mutual respect.

Collaborative Partnerships - We value partnerships with Business, Industry, Employees, Government, Educational systems, Students and our Communities.

Innovation - We value Creativity, Responsible Risk-taking, and Enthusiastic pursuit of New Ideas.

Continuous Improvement - We value continuous improvement of our programs, services, and processes through employee empowerment and professional development in a team-based culture.

Customer Focus - We value our internal and external customers and actively work to meet their needs.

Diversity - We value an educational environment that attracts and supports a diverse student/staff community and fosters global awareness.

Sustainability - We value the responsible use of resources to achieve balance among social, economic, and environmental practices.

Long term - To conduct / Support Seminars, Workshops and Conferences to support the trainers training programs and Students to get engage in niche technologies to achieve their Goals and Dream jobs.